Fresh Recruiting know by experience what job-seekers look for when searching for that perfect role.

We know that the five key elements to any position are:

  1. Location
  2. Role
  3. Salary
  4. Company
  5. Type (Permanent / Contract)

We also know however that not all individuals prioritise these key elements in the same order.

For that reason, here at Fresh Recruiting we take it upon ourselves to ensure that each registered job-seeker is contacted by a member of our team to identify and react to their personal preferences.

In addition our database allows you to search through our current vacancies list to find your ideal role and you also have the ability to submit / update your CV so as to keep us informed of any new skills or a change in situation.

Most importantly though, we will always be open and honest and will take you through every step of the recruiting process with us.

The job-seeking community is smaller than you would imagine and reputation is paramount. This is where Fresh Recruiting excels and we will continue too. Our reputation as a recruiting company that looks after its job-seekers is at the heart of why we exist as a company.

Fresh Recruitment has an efficient payroll department that ensures prompt payment via BACS.


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